Painted owl rocks ~

Prices range from $18.00 to $52.00 ~ These were created by my sister Kim Bruce using stones collected from Lake Superior in Michigan which are glued to driftwood from Keystone Lake in Oklahoma and one of them is on petrified wood from western North Dakota.

Coffee table $225.00

Top is 32″ X 17″ ~ 16″ tallDSC_3006.JPG

Starry night (not for sale)

24″ wide X 23″ tall, on an antique window


Under the rainbow $570.00

DSC_294133.5″ wide X 18″ tall on an antique oval window with led lights behind it for hanging on the wall instead of the window.

2015 the first $245.00

DSC_298730″ wide X 34″ tall ~  The 1st completed piece from 2015. My husband Perry sketched the scenery panes and it is on an antique pedestal window.

Sweet Soul Sister $725.00

28″ wide X 39.5″ tall on an antique window ~ this piece was inspired from a painting by a friend of mine Laurie Harlan which she called walking on jupiter and it includes tumbled agates.DSC_3008